Computer Maintenance & Repair

Computer Maintenance & Repair

Hardware or Software Upgrades

Software & hardware upgrades bring new and better features while correcting current issues like bugs and crashes. Furthermore, with …
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Operating System Installation

We will take care of installing or reinstalling your computer's operating system... whether it's Windows, Apple or Linux Operating …
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Computer Optimization

A decent computer optimization tool will clean out any unneeded debris on the hard drive, therefore improving the machine. A decent …
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Virus and Spyware Removal

An anti-spyware application, as the name implies, is spyware prevention software, similar to an antivirus program. Its purpose is to …
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PC Repair

Our Computer Repair Technician, installs, analyses, identifies and troubleshoots many sorts of computer system, server, or network …
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Data Relocation from Old Computer to New

The process of allocating load addresses to position-dependent code and data in a program and modifying the code and data to reflect the …
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Great guy, fast, affordable, great turn around time, very perfessional, very knowledgeable, has my PC business from now on 
Jul 8, 2024
Dan Livengood
Brought in my computer because it had been running incredibly slow on startup and crashing frequently running anything bigger than firefox. Richard...  Read more
Jun 16, 2024

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