Computer Maintenance & Repair

Computer Maintenance & Repair

Hardware or Software Upgrades

Software & hardware upgrades bring new and better features while correcting current issues like bugs and crashes. Furthermore, with …
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Operating System Installation

We will take care of installing or reinstalling your computer's operating system... whether it's Windows, Apple or Linux Operating …
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Computer Optimization

A decent computer optimization tool will clean out any unneeded debris on the hard drive, therefore improving the machine. A decent …
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Virus and Spyware Removal

An anti-spyware application, as the name implies, is spyware prevention software, similar to an antivirus program. Its purpose is to …
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PC Repair

Our Computer Repair Technician, installs, analyses, identifies and troubleshoots many sorts of computer system, server, or network …
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Data Relocation from Old Computer to New

The process of allocating load addresses to position-dependent code and data in a program and modifying the code and data to reflect the …
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Quick knowledgeable service, with constant communication and excellent affordable service. I highly recommend this gentleman. 
Feb 23, 2024
Cindy Knott
Very satisfied with laptop repair. When my hard drive failed, I was able to drop off the laptop on the same day, he diagnosed the problem the next...  Read more
Jan 23, 2024
Vesna Novak

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